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The purpose of creating whatsgrouplinkpk.com was to provide active whatsapp group links to those people who want to join any whatsapp group on the internet. Our site allows you to join any active whatsapp group link. 

First let me tell you that all the whatsapp group links available on our site have not been created by us ourselves. We collect these groups from different sources and then register them on your site so that you can easily join these groups and take advantage of them. 

The purpose of doing this is that those people who want to join the active whatsapp group link can come to our site and join these groups. And he can benefit from it as he can search for a job and can enhance his knowledge through education. 

Till now we have updated many real whatsapp group links on our site in which many people are taking benefit from these and joining these whatsapp groups. If you are also interested in joining these whatsapp groups then you must visit our site. I hope you will find many groups on whatsapp which you are interested in and want to join. 

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If you also have a real whatsapp group and you want to get it installed on our site so that people can get maximum benefit from it and they can join your group then you can contact us for this. We will very soon check your whatsapp group and update it on our post. Contact us to submit your group. 

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Disclaimer: You will see various WhatsApp group links on our website. All the groups only for people but none of them are owned by us. If you join any whatsapp group then follow all the rules and regulation. We are not responsible for any content present in these groups. You can join any of these groups and take advantage of them. In case you have any kind of damage/fraud due to these groups then our website will not be responsible.