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If you also want to become a new friend and live in nepal.then I have brought the best nepal whatsapp group link for you. All these groups are active. So you can join any group of your choice. If you join this group then you will be able to know what special features you can get in these groups. Millions of people are searching for a nepal whatsapp group on the internet but they do not find the right group due to which they get worried.

Many people think that nepal is the city of india but it is not true. Nepal is a separate state which is located in south asia and the currency used here is nepalese rupee. The capital city of this country is Kathmandu. This is a very beautiful country. If you want to visit there then you need to join the group given below. 

Nepal Whatsapp Group Link 

Rules For The Nepali Whatsapp Group

If you want to join the nepal group given above then I am sharing some steps below. You should follow them. 

  • People living in nepal can join this group. 
  • Nepal related content should be shared in the group.
  • It is the responsibility of every member to follow the rules of the group. 
  • Cannot post related to political parties in the group.
  • Unnecessary messaging in the group is not allowed.
  • Sharing voice notes is not allowed.
  • You can chat only with members in the group.
  • Be active in the group and keep sharing relevant content. 

How You Can Join Nepali Whatsapp Group Link?

To get added to the nepali whatsapp group then follow the steps given below. 

  • You have to first install the whatsapp app in your mobile and select your favourite whatsapp group. 
  • Now click on the link present next to the name of the group. After this, a page will open in front of you. 
  • After selecting the whatsapp app then you have to click on the Join the group button as per your interest. 
  • By doing this you will successfully join the whatsapp group. 
  • To join more than one whatsapp group then you have to follow the above steps again. 
  • If the group has been deleted then join some other group. 

Join Whatsapp Group

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Advantages of Joining The Nepal Whatsapp Group Link

If you join the whatsapp groups that we have shared with you above then you can get many benefits. Some of these benefits we are telling you about are given below. 

  • You can update us about the latest news and weather conditions in nepal. 
  • You will get information about the coming jobs in nepal. 
  • You can make friendship with people living in nepal while living in any country in the whole world.
  • You can get information about nepali culture and traditions.
  • You will know about the best tourist places of nepal.

In Conclusion

I hope you liked nepali whatsapp groups. All the information I have shared with you above is authentic. If you want to travel in this country then you definitely need to join these groups. And if you feel that this information has proved very helpful for you then share it on social media with other members. If possible then give valuable comments below related to this article. 

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